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Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of products would I test for you?
Lotions, toiletries, sunscreens, cosmetics, wipes—over-the-counter products that come in contact with your skin.

What is the purpose of the test?
To bring safe products to consumers: to see if a product will cause skin irritation or other minor reactions before it is marketed.

How do I know if I am eligible to test products?
You need to come to our offices in Union, NJ, to fill out a health history questionnaire. You should be in good general health, and between the ages of 18 and 70. When you fill out the questionnaire, we will be able to tell you what tests you can do.

How do I sign up to test products?
When you come to our offices in Union, NJ, we will tell you what tests are starting for which you are eligible, and the schedule of test visits—anywhere from 2 days to 6 weeks. You need to bring proof of age. HRL is open from 8:30 am to 7:30 pm, Monday thru Friday, except for Holidays.

How long are the tests?
We will give you a schedule with all the dates you need to come to HRL, and what the final date is. We will also tell you how much the test pays when you complete it.

How much time do I have to spend at HRL?
It varies by type of test. Usually, only short visits are required on any day—anywhere from 2 days to 15 days, spread over 2 days to 6 weeks. Sunscreen testing requires one of the days to be either 4 or 6 hours. We will explain in detail when you come to HRL.

Why do some tests require certain skin types, ages, race or gender?
Sometimes it is Government regulations. Sometimes the sponsoring companies target market is very specific and they want people that fit the criteria for these pre-tests.

How much do the tests pay?
It varies from $40 to $150. Some tests may pay more.

Can I be on more than one test at the same time?

Can I bring a friend to sign up with me?
Absolutely. We will pay you $20 as a referral bonus when your friend completes his or her first test.

Do you work with charitable organizations in fund-raising programs?
Yes, we are happy to do so. We will pay the organization $10 for every new panelist referred, when the panelist completes the test.

Can I earn a referral bonus if I don’t participate in tests?
Possibly. Please come to HRL to discuss.