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Orange Panel #18-501T

Orange Panel #18-501T: 4 Day Back Patch Test;

orangeMen and Women; Ages 18 – 70;
Earn $50


Visit Day Date Time Length of Visit Notes
1 Monday 2/19/18 8:30AM -7:30PM 15 min Patching Day
2 Tuesday 2/20/18 8:30AM -7:30PM 20 min. Lamping Day
3 Wednesday 2/21/18 8:30AM -7:30PM 5 – 10 min. Scoring Day
4 Thursday 2/22/18 8:30AM -7:30PM 5 – 10 min. Scoring Day

Test Instructions:

  • Patches will be placed on your on Monday and marked with gentian violet (purple surgical marker). The patches will be removed by the HRL technician on Tuesday. You must not remove the patches yourself.
  • PATCHES ARE TO STAY ON AND DRY AT ALL TIMES! The patches may be reinforced with tape. If a patch loosens, please use a small amount of adhesive tape and/or bandage to secure it or return to the lab for reinforcement.
  • You may bathe as normal, but the patches must stay dry. Do not wash off the purple marks.
  • Your back MUST be protected from sunlight throughout the test. NO SUNBURN ALLOWED! DO NOT USE A HEATING PAD ON THE PATCH AREA. DO NOT USE HEATED CAR SEAT.